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Eminem’s tenth studio album, Kamikaze, may have officially gone platinum in the last couple of days, but he’s already onto pastures brand-new with– what’s his motherf *** ing name?– Snoop Dogg!

That’s right, just when you believed Slim was done, he’s gone and returned into the studio with the veteran Gin & Juice rap artist. It comes just 2 months after he launched Kamikaze at the end of August to stunned and thrilled fans.

The milestone was exposed by chart data on Twitter, who revealed it was now ‘qualified’ for platinum.

I imply, it was bound to occur eventually, but I doubt the achievement goes undetected– even if the rapper is more than utilized to it by now.

Snoop wrote on his Instagram:

May as well be speaking French to me. However you can’t be but assist delighted regarding what these 2 might be cooking up. If Eminem’s newest blistering success is anything to pass, then we’re in for a treat.

No doubt he and Machine Gun Kelly’s blistering yet quick beef played a huge part in the sales.

Kelly went for Slim, Slim stayed quiet for a while then fired back with Killshot? That was last month, think it or not.

‘ Shut the f * ck up,’ Eminem started, before going straight in on MGK’s appearances, rapping: ‘How you gon na name yourself after a fucking gun and have a guy bun?’

He added: ‘Your reply got the crowd yellin’ “Oo” so prior to you pass away let’s see who can out-petty who with your corny lines.

‘ I’m 45 and I’m still out-selling you.’

28-year-old Kelly, who has credited Mathers as the original inspiration behind his own hip-hop works, had sent for the veteran rapper in Rap Devil, a nod to Eminem’s Rap God.

On the track, Kelly slated Eminem’s ‘unusual beard’ and blasted his last 4 albums as being ‘as bad as your selfie.’

The fight in between Kelly and Em began way back in 2012 when Kelly tweeted about his child, Hailie being ‘hot as f * ck.’ Kelly likewise claimed Eminem banned him from appearing on his Shade 45 channel.

Kelly’s wasn’t done there, though, he used Instagram to send out the supreme message by means of iPhone cam:


With the annoucment of his 10th album dropping, people were amazed as Revival had been released only eight month previous. 

Kamikaze has even been thought about as Slim’s finest album in a years and undoubtedly took the world by storm.

The album rapidly worked its method to the top of the Official UK Albums Chart.

Making music history, Kamikaze held on to the number one area after its release.

Beating the previous record which was held by ABBA and Led ZeppelinT, Kamikaze (the surprise album) is Eminem’s ninth successive number one album, ABBA and Led Zepplin have eight consecutive number one albums each.

A big congrats to Eminem, who despite being attacked through diss track, managed to get beat the odds and go platinum for the tenth time in his career.

Here’s to much more. Keep doing you, Slim.



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