Conor McGregor: The Man Behind The UFC Myth


Welcome to FFS! Here is a list of “20 Things” you may or may not have know about the wild Irish Fighter that has made the UFC and Dana White a lot of $$$.

21Connor McGregor Explodes On To The Sporting World

Connor McGregor Before UFC, Playing Soccer For the Yellowstone Of Ireland

The once struggling Irishman Conor McGregor has made his name known around the world. What he got with the work and sacrifice he put into his career in the UFC, was added the ability to transcend beyond the sport itself to show an overwhelming personality to which he added extravagant situations.

Having placed himself in front of the eccentric boxer Floyd Mayweather in a dispute inside the ring also contributed to McGregor, his fame and above all, his economy. Even so, there is a lot of information that is unknown about The Notorious . Know these curious situations for which it has happened.

Long before being the legend of mixed martial arts, Conor McGregor tried his luck in the world of football. He represented the Yellowstone of Ireland who played in the third division of that country when he was 16 years old .

His former coach at the club, David Glennon, recalled: ” He was a very good player, and if I remember correctly, he was the top scorer of our team in the first season .” However, what created a turning point in his life was that he did not get enough income to support himself, so he gave MMA a chance.