tough guys

9Hollywood Actors Who Play The Tough Guy who aren’t really so tough…

A lot of actors make a nice living portraying big-screen action heroes. Like some kind of modern, celluloid equivalent of ancient Roman gladiators or the pantheon of the indestructible Olympians of Greek mythology, they portray the chiseled good guys who always defeat the bad guys and restore order to a world gone crazy (and they often make a witty quip when they throw the main bad guy, alien, or terrorist off of the skyscraper or whatever.)

A very small handful of stars, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Chuck Norris, have become synonymous with the idea of the tough-guy action hero. But let us not forget — acting is just acting. Just became someone looks like an immortal, perfect specimen of humanity who can kill villains with only their fists and maybe some grenades, it doesn’t mean they’re super-macho-manly-toxically-masculine in real life, you know. Here are some tough guy actors who aren’t really so tough, and by the way, that’s not a bad thing.